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-Paypal Only
-You cannot sell MYOs
-You cannot sell Rights
-Please pay attention to what type of rights you purchase and the rules that apply
-Please know that I’ll be nitpicking who gets rights and who doesn’t
-I reserve the right to revoke your Orbite Rights for any reason- but regardless of the reason you will get a full refund but depending on the reason (such as design/art theft) you may or may not get to finish selling off any open adopts already posted
-It is your responsibility to check traits and make sure that your traits fall into the category of Rights you purchase
-You are not limited on how many adopts you make and you are not required to make a certain amount 
-Don’t steal designs. Seriously. 
-You may make your own Orbites but for the love of god don’t go crazy with them lmao (you also are not allowed to gift them away or co-own them. They are for YOU ONLY please)
-EDIT(Forgot to add this I’m sorry!): If you wish to host a DTA or a raffle please note me for approval!


-Comment what teir you want 
-Post your art and design examples

I will select those who get Rights so don’t be upset if I decline. If I don’t answer or comment you unfortunately did not get rights


Tier 1: 35$
-Access to all Open Classes
-Acess to all Traits from Common to Legendary
(No Access to Whicker Staffs)

Tier 2:  55$
-Access to all Class Types (Except Weeping Water)
-Access to all Traits from Common to Mythic 
-(No Access to Whicker Staffs)

Teir 3: 75$
-Access to all Class Types
-Access to All Traits from Common to Mythic (Including Weeping Water)
-Access to Whicker Staffs

Tier 4: 100$
-Access to all Class Types
-Access to All Traits from Common to Mythic (Including Weeping Water)
-Access to Whicker Staffs
-Co-Owner Rights and Access to Illegal types and new trait suggestions (Talk to me first) 

I’m going to focus on fixing the group back up tomorrow so please be patient but until then you can still make and sell adopts if you have rights!
    Ah finally, the winners have been chosen. Yesterday I was at the DMV with my father and I had him choose a number between 1 and 129 

He chose:
    Fafb0db3-4d77-43ec-833b-8ddf2324c871 by NebulaNovia

B0462319-e472-412d-bd38-effa6ecdc827 by NebulaNovia

B5618b8e-8885-40ec-8cd2-806fcf9d58bb by NebulaNovia

Congrats you guys!

    You have won a full reference sheet of your pony OC of choice! Please note me your chosen character and details 

    You have won a full body drawing of your pony OC of choice! Please note me your chosen character and details

    You have won a bust of your pony OC of choice! Please note me your chosen character and details

Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize. After 24 hours another user will be randomly chosen 
    Yayy art raffle— I suppose to make up for my absence on Deviantart I’ll have a raffle 

warm pink star RULES

Pastel Pink Star Bullet Must be a Watcher
Pastel Pink Star Bullet Must Favorite the Journal (This is how I get your ticket number!)
Pastel Pink Star Bullet And you must share this Journal through another Journal or Poll

*your number won’t be considered unless you post in the comments proof of your shared journal and I will check and see if you’re a watcher

warm pink star RAFFLE PRIZES

Pastel Pink Star Bullet1 Winner will recieve a ref sheet of a pony (or equine related) OC of choice
    *Sheet will inclue 2 full bodies, 1 Bust and, 3 Headshots

Example of Art: 
Untitled by NebulaNovia3d02ca3d-387c-433e-b0b3-1eca19554d8c by NebulaNovia4ccf63dc-0a27-4d4b-8e32-14f4c541f865 by NebulaNovia

Pastel Pink Star Bullet 1 Winner will recieve a full body, fully shaded pony (or equine related) drawing of their OC of choice. 

Examples of Art:
Unnamed [P] by NebulaNoviaThe Princesses by NebulaNovia
Little Frog [P] by NebulaNoviaBFs Ponysona by NebulaNoviaLolly Licker by NebulaNoviaCrystaline Clouds by NebulaNovia

Pastel Pink Star Bullet 1 Winner will receive a bust drawing of their pony (or equine related) OC of choice 

Examples of Art:

Seraphim Sariel by NebulaNoviaLuciette and Lilith by NebulaNoviaMajorelle [P] by NebulaNovia

** The first number I draw will get the first Prize, the second will get the Second listed prize and so on. 

*Raffel Ends April 14, 2017
(I may extend the raffel)
Please save oc, adopt files, or just my old gross are if you’re into the cringe

I’m heavily purging my gallery Monday March 19th, 2018. If you need to save files of your adopt or character or whatever- DO IT NOW!! I will not pity you and I will not go on a wild goose chase looking for lost files because you chose not to save them. I’ll be posting another warning Sunday and a final warning Monday morning. 
     I feel its time to speak about how I feel about Orbites and Orbites-Unite and tell everyone involved what has been happening these past few months and what may happen in the future. 

     A few months ago— actually almost a year ago I started to experience great discomfort in drawing and designing, at the time I thought it was just a really nasty art block but over time as I tried to pin point what bothered me it started to become apparent. At first I thought I hated my style, then I thought maybe I was in a deisgn block, and then I went through many things about art and design. At some point I thought I just didn’t like drawing ponies anymore but recently I feel like I finally pinned down what made me so unhappy with my artwork. Orbites made me unhappy. I didn’t like any designs I was making, I didn’t like any OCs I was trying to make and I feel I’m just unhappy with the species in general. 
     I have had this species for 4 years, and worked on it for 4 years. I grew a ton as an artist with this species. But as I grew and changed I started to view Orbites as that “cringey Sonic OC you made in 2011”. I felt I could do better and I wanted to “redraw” Orbites. But how could I? How could I tell the community I was uncomfortable with my own species? Surely it would upset you guys. 
     I suppose being a senior in highschool and being faced with huge decision’s has changed me as well. And maybe I don’t want to do this type of art anymore- I still havent decided that yet. I’ll still deisgn ponies until I’m sick of them and draw commissions. 

    As for the future of Orbites I guess you could say right now things are on hold. I’ll still be approving gallery submissions and I’m not so sure about the master list- but nothing’s really changed. Things will just be slower and maybe Orbite characters (predesigned ones that is) will be harder to get. 
   I am considering selling rights and picking and choosing designers carefully to try and keep characters going. And I’m thinking I’ll start to reform and perhaps reshape the species as this continues. When the “new” species is released all rights holders will still have rights- just to the “new” species. And all characters from the “old” species will still be valid just on a different master list. 

    With this message I will announce I’m heavily archiving and nearly wiping my entire gallery clean in the very near future. I’ll give a few more warnings of this in the next few days but if you don’t save what you need from my gallery I may not be able to give you files past a certain date because they have been lost. So please- heed my warnings. 

     Maybe I’ll still deisgn a few Orbites while I attempt to renovate the species. If rebooting doesnt work- then that will be a bridge we’ll cross when we get there.

P.S: please excuse spelling mistakes and other errors. Ive typed this on mobile due to inacess to a computer. 

                       Commission Types 

                                            Rules: TBA 

Head Shot: 20$

-Fully Shaded
<da:thumb id="726911717"/> 44a02290-0909-4a2a-892c-b49607614ad2 by NebulaNovia

*Special Head Shot: 35$*

-Expirimental Style
B8f5379c-9884-44b1-919b-8c336debbda6 by NebulaNovia

Thigh High: 30$

-Fully Shaded (No background or very simple)
D4f6b9ea-b32e-46e6-86a5-6ec42d4daae5 by NebulaNovia

*Special Thigh High*: 60$

-Detailed Shade+background
Ac8faeff-6259-4d71-9d9c-c27de410d057 by NebulaNovia255a5731-cd7f-4320-9267-b5cd1df236e0 by NebulaNovia8386445c-f6f2-4cff-9b37-2ae0d7170c7c by NebulaNovia08ca684c-ed4c-4dad-9b25-56a856d16cc3 by NebulaNovia

Character Emotes: 5$ Per Emote 

-Depending on character complexity
-Not Shaded, has sparkles tho
5dca7471-6e4a-4797-ab81-79a88f1b0b71 by NebulaNoviaCbbc09a7-0bee-46a5-96a0-a3d12e77ce37 by NebulaNovia0ed5ed27-12b9-4294-be2c-d711e54186c7 by NebulaNovia

Full Body: 45$ (CLOSED)

-Fully Shaded
 64e3eb47-90d8-40b9-acf0-2841fe81043a by NebulaNovia

Full Ref Sheet: 100$-200$ (CLOSED)

-Up to buyer if shaded or not 
-Up to buyer the amount of full bodies/busts ect 
47146282-9b91-41f4-b3f4-678a451d0e23 by NebulaNovia94228ebc-4f42-4f48-9dfe-ba3c5989fe45 by NebulaNovia 8b9001b1-fd58-477b-a9c0-e6ff96033e03 by NebulaNovia
Ayee I'm still trying to save up for a car or computer so I'm selling Species Rights~ 

Dewlets Rights- 30$ Paypal Only 

I'll probably have limited slots but just comment below to claim~ 

With Rights You Can:

-Make OCs yourself
-Make up to Rare Traits (no illegal)
-Sell Up to 3 Customs a Month
-Make as many Adopts as you want a month
-Sell the adopts for as much as you want (including selling for art or trade)

With Rights You Can NOT:
-Sell MYOs
-Mix Species
-Sell Rights
-Give Rights
-Give out Guest Design rights
       Ayeeee the first of the Dewlet Ponies MYO Slots! I'm curious to see what people make so I'm opening some slots~

Dewlets CLOSED SPECIES Traits Guide by NebulaNovia  Dewlets (CLOSED SPECIES) by NebulaNovia
    Dewlets are a new equine Closed Species I've created~ a few things may be added or changed, but here's all the info and traits for them now. Lore is still in progress but some behavioral lore is located in the image on the right. 

-No holds
-Paypal Only-- I no longer can accept Points
-Please use only the traits alloted
-You may buy for yourself or others
-Don't resell for more than the price of purchase unless you COMMISSIONED artwork. Artwork you made yourself cannot count
-Don't breed them to other species
-Don't post without tagging me so I can check the traits (please list the traits used in the description of the Deviantation)
*Gender/Sex has no trait


-Common Slot: 5$
-Common Slot: 5$
-Common- Slot: 5$
-Uncommon Slot: 10$
-Uncommon Slot: 10$
-Rare Slot: 15$
    What's a Species Pass you ask? Well they're just like Guest Designer Tickets,  but these you don't have to get chosen to get one. These are buyable. There are of course some restrictions however.


-A Species Pass allows for one to create an Orbite Adopt, but each pass type has certain restrictions. You can create an adopt, custom, or keep your design if you so desire. 
-You are only permitted one Orbite per pass- Excluding Quantum Pass wich allows 3 Orbites. 
-Your Orbite not selling-- is not my problem. I unfortunately can't help you and refunds will not be available. 
-You can buy a Species pass for yourself, or gift it to someone else. 
-You must be a member of Orbites-Unite to purchase a pass. 
-Please be sure to run the design by NebulaNovia to make sure that it follows the guidelines. 
-You aren't permitted to mix Orbites with any other Closed Species. No exceptions. 
-Only PayPal is accepted at this time. 

Species Pass Types: 

Bronze Species Pass: 30$
    -Opens all Open Class types 
    -All traits from Common to Rare (Class rarities do not count-- only permited open class)

Silver Species Pass: 45$
    -Opens all Open Class types + Fairy type 
    -All traits from Common to Legendary (Class Rarities do not count)

Gold Species Pass: 60$
    -Opens all Open Class types + Fairy and Spirit types
    -All traits from Common to Mythic

Diamond Species Pass: 75$ 
    -Opens all Class Types (except Mixed Class)
    -Opens all Traits Common to Mythic 

Celestial Species Pass: 100$
    -Opens all class types+ Mixed Class 
    -Opens all Traits Common to Celestial (No Whicker Staffs Allowed) 

Quantum Species Pass: 200$
    -Opens everything, all class types, all traits. 
    -Allows up to 3 Orbites to be created per ticket. (Only One Whicker Allowed)
---Holder please ignore
--holder please ignore 
  These Custom prices have been revamped to try and make it easier and more convienient for everyone to understand! Hopefully this is a better system and hopefully this will make it easier on everyone! 


-No copied designs. Do not ask me to copy someone else's design. I do not care if its a pont or not. You may use other's designs as perhaps reference for color palettes or inspiration. But I refuse to completely copy another's design. This includes copywrited characters like-- for example-- Rose Quartz from SU. She is a copywrighted character design and I will not 'ponify' her exact character. You can show me a picture of Rose Quartz and say "I want the color pallete similiar to this" or "I want their hair similar to this".
-Patience is required for customs. Seriously. If you try to rush me, I will refund your money and you won't get a custom. I'm doing my TO-DO list in order from first come first serve basis. Just because you payed more than someone else, or that your custom is 'easier' does not mean I'll bump yours up to the top. Its only fair that way and it helps me keep up with everything. 
-I will do all class types and traits EXCEPT illegal traits and Mixed Class Orbites. 
-Payment Plans are available but only for (passcode: moon cheese) customs ranging above 50$. At that point you are required to pay half immediately and the rest of the payment will be disscussed. I will also not start on your custom until it is fully paid off. It will keep it's spot on the list, but when I come to it and it's not paid, I'll skip over it for now and come back to it right after full payment. 
-I have a right to decline any custom offer that I am not comfortable making. 
-If you have minor issues with your custom such as hair color, minute design flukes and ect, contact me and I'll change what I can. If these are large changes that weren't mentioned to me then it is your responsibility to change that yourself. 
-DO NOT contact me halfway through your custom to make major changes. Thats really frustrating for me and it causes more work for me to do and hinders my preformance greatly. Please be extra sure you have everything you want written down clearly. 

-How To Order a Custom- 

-Customs will be ordered in a similar fashion that MYOs are ordered, in the sense of Teirs.
-Fill out the form below and post it in the COMMENTS. All templates sent to me via note (unless it is a surprise gift to someone or something like that) will be directed to the comment section of this journal. 
-Be sure to add every trait you desire unless you want me to take over. I will do customs that are vague or complex and to a tee. The more vague you are however, the more difficult it is for me to make your character image correct if that is what you desire. If you want something spesific, be spesific, but also reasonable.

Basic Traits:
Class Traits:
Extra Information: (this is where you would post themes, color palette recomendations ect) 
Passcode: (Read the rules to find the passcode. This ensures thatnyou read the rules.)

Teir 1: 20$
  -Includes Common to Uncommon Traits only (this includes class type rarities)
Teir 2: 25$
  -Includes Common, Uncommon and Rare Traits only (this includes class type rarities)
Teir 3: 35$
  -Includes Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Traits only (this includes class type rarities)
Teir 4: 45$ 
  -Includes Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Mythic Traits only (this includes class type rarities)
Teir 5: 55$ 
  -Includes all traits and all class types (except Mixed Class and WW)

Trait and Class Type Links:…
    Heyo! Its been over a year since the Breeding Event has happened. I was supposed to do it on Mothers day but some stuff came up ^^ 
Anyways, this event is limited edition and will only last for a bit so take advantage before it goes away till next year! 

Breeding Ticket Prices
    Normal Ticket: 20$/2,000p
        -Unlocks Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Traits 
        -Unlocks all Open Class types 

    Rare Ticket: 35$/3,500p
        -Unlocks Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary Traits and Male Orbites
        -Unlocks all Open Class types +Fairy Class and Spirit Class

    Mythical Ticket: 45$/4,500p
        -Unlocks all Traits
        -Unlocks all Class Types 

    Twin Ticket: 60$/6,000p
        -Unlocks all Traits
        -Unlocks all Open Classes +Fairy Class and Spirit Class
        -Allows 2 Orbites as identical, maternal or non identical twin Orbite foals

    Twin Ticket+ : 75$/7,500p
        -Unlocks all Traits
        -Unlocks all Class Types
        -Allows 2 Orbites as identical, maternal or non identical twin Orbite foals


-Couples do not have to be Male and Female, they may be same sex couples
-You may group with other Orbites and Orbite owners as long as they consent
-NO Mixed Class types
-NO illegal traits 
-NO Celestial Traits
-Do not deter from the trait limits
-They do not have to look like the parents 
-Be sure to Claim a ticket in the comments below 
-Wait for approval when you post your foal
EDIT: I am Opening up a few slots! Get them before they're gone!

  Heya! I finally pinned down a half decent written reference sheet for Florabites. Here's a Florabite if you guys didn't know! 
Lady Rose Orbite Subspecies Adopt (CLOSED) by NebulaNovia

  Florabites are a Closed Species created by me. They are a mutated subspecies of the much more complex Orbites. 


Price For Rights: 30$ (PayPal only for now sorry :/)

Rules for Rights Holders:

-You are allowed to make any rarity of Florabite including Mutated traits
-You are allowed to make and sell as many as you want (above 5$)
-You cannot sell MYOs
-You can sell Customs at your own prices (above 5$)
-You may use any currency you desire (even art!)
-You must credit me for the species 
-You may make trait suggestions, simply ask! 
-I have the right to revoke your rights (with refund) for broken rules and other reasons
-You are not allowed to gift your rights (you may purchase for another if they are open) 
-You are not allowed to sell rights
-You my use bases as long as you're allowed to use them for adopts and properly credit the base maker 
-You may make Florabite OCs for yourself as well (just don't make like 50 million haha )
-You may raffle/DTA WITH permission from me. I'll say yes probably every time but it's good to know what's going on ^^

I don't know how many slots I'm going to be selling but this is first come first serve! Once it's closed I don't know when it will open!

Current Rights Holders:


1. Can I do DTA's/Raffles?
        -Yes but you are required to ask first. I need to know if such large events are taking place 

2. Can I sell rights?
        -No. Your rights will be revoked for that

3. Can I sell MYOs/Customs?
        -You may sell Customs, but never MYOs

4. Can I give out Guest Design Tickets? 
        -No, but you are free to suggest them to me. If I deem them fit they will receive the Ticket 

5. Can I do a Collabortive adopt with someone who doesn't have rights?
        -No, but you may still ask. I may say yes or no depending on the circumstances 

6. Can I make mixed species of Florabites? (Ex. Crossover of 'Water Walkers' and 'Florabites'
        -No. I don't know how the other species owners would feel about that 

7. Can I make Breedable Charts?
        -Breeding charts made from your own original Florabites may be sold but YOU must make the characters. 

8. Can I sell Breeding Tickets?
        -No, you are not permitted 

9. What's the minimum selling price for each Florabite?
        -The minimum selling price is 5$/500 points (or the equivalent in other currencies).

10. What is the maximum selling price?
        -No, you can sell a Florabite at 1000$ dollars or more if you want as long as you aren't scamming or stealing art 

11. Do I owe you any portions of profits from the adopts?
        -Absolutely not. This is your work. You purchased the rights and you get full profits unless it's a collaboration between you and I.

12. Can I make my own Florabite OCs?
        -Yes, but please be reasonable with the amount. Also, you may co-own but don't use co-ownership to try and get your friends free Florabites. It's not fair to the other people. 

13. Can I use bases for my adopts/customs?
        -Yes, just be sure you are allowed to use that base for that and be sure to credit the base maker 

14. Can I use any traits/any mix of traits?
        -Yes, just be sure to show some restraint. Try to keep rare traits rare please. But it won't be frowned upon to use them 

    If you have anymore questions be sure to comment or note me!!
[NOTICE]: Please tell me if your username is incorrect on here!! A lot of you changed your username (=-=*) and now the link won't work! 
[NOTICE-2]: Please let me know about any Orbites not on here! Whether they be MYOs, Adopts or Co-owns! I will try to get around to it.

Single Owners:

001 Owned by: Rose-Diamond
002 Owned by: Kiffels
003 Owned by: AlimareEmpire 
004 Owned by: NebulaNovia 
005 Owned by: Kiffels
006 Owned by: LordoftheFuzzys
007 Owned by: Kiffels
008 Owned by: Littllebird 
009 Owned by: 
010 Owned by: @
011 Owned by: 
012 Owned by: 
013 Owned by: @BlondeSky
014 Owned by: 
015 Owned by: 
016 Owned by: @
017 Owned by: @
018 Owned by: @BlueSilviLion
019 Owned by: peaceouttopizza23 

020 Owned by: @/Mythicalpawz
021 Owned by: 
Tinuleaf-Adopts /tinuleaf
022 Owned by: LordoftheFuzzys
023 Owned by: @
024 Owned by: @/M
025 Owned by: @
026 Owned by: @
027 Owned by: Littllebird 
028 Owned by: VIVIEND0
029 Owned by: Littllebird  
030 Owned by: ElsaTinuviel
031 Owned by: CrownedSpade
032 Owned by: @themoosewhispere
033 Owned by: LordoftheFuzzys
034 Owned by: LordoftheFuzzys
035 Owned by: LordoftheFuzzys
036 Owned by: Night-VaIe


001 Owned by: 

MYO Orbites:

001 Owned by: 
002 Owned by: 
Tinuleaf-Adopts /@tiuleaf
Owned by: TheStarsofPines
004 Owned by: @
005 Owned by: 
006 Owned by: @
007 Owned by: 
008 Owned by: 
009 Owned by: 
010 Owned by: 
Tinuleaf-Adopts /tinuleaf
  Yes, it's finally here! Orbite Breedables! I greatly enjoyed seeing all of you pair up your Orbites and come together to discuss what the potential children would be! I am super happy and super excited!! I do hope you guys are as happy and excited as I am! Anyways, let's get started! 

Breedable Rules:

-You must have two Orbites breed. No other species may breed with an Orbite
-You don't have to breed one pony specifically to the other. You can mix and match to your desire! But the result MUST two ponies only. Do not add traits from a third party.
-You must own/co-own an Orbite to breed them.
-There will be unlimited slots 
-I will auction off a 'Twins' slot and a 'Cracked Twins' slot. 
-I will also Auction off a foal custom slot 
-You must pay 25$ for a Regular Slot
-Please send me an image of the parents and the foal before posting ^^
-Payment and owner ship is up to you and the other person(s) you are with (if you are pairing ponies with others) 
-Design is also up to you and other persons. 

How to Make the Foal/Filly:

  To keep this from getting crazy I must put a few trait limits. So please pay attention to them or your Foal/Filly will be rejected and you will be asked politely to fix it! I got rid of Class Types being traits a long time ago but Classes do have rarites. So for the sake of this we will consider Class Types traits just for this. This will determine the Class Type of the foal. So please keep that in mind. Gender is also a trait!

  You are going to combine looks and traits (OF ONE CLASS. IF THE PARENTS HAVE TWO CLASSES NO MIXING TRAITS OR ADDING TRAITS FROM OTHER CLASS TYPES,) into a child. How you use your 1 Allowed mythical Trait will determine the gender. You may use that trait for male Orbite but you will not be allowed to have other mythical traits. You can mix and match color pallets, hairstyles ect ect. And the child doesn't have to look exactly like the parents. 

Traits allowed:
  -Unlimited Common
  -up to 5 Uncommon
  -Up to 3 Rare
  -Up to 2 Legendary
  -Up to 1 Mythic

Class Rarities:
  -Lava: Common
  -Leaf/Plant: Uncommon
  -Water: Rare
  -Crystal: Legendary
  -Fairy: Mythic 

Gender Rarities:
  -Female: Common
  -Male: Mythic 

Written Reference Sheets:

Basic Traits Written Ref

Class Types and their Traits:

Plant Class Refference Sheet

Lava Class Orbite Ref Sheet

Fairy Class Written Ref

Water Class Written Ref

Crystal Class Written Ref

(Please note me if you are having trouble :)

Price of Regular Slot:

25$/2,500 Points (Paid upfront. No holds due to the length of this event)
Claim a Slot Here:…

Twin Foal Auction Information:

  This slot gives you the right to make twins for your couple! These twins also have a higher rarity allowance! 

Traits Allowed:
  -Unlimited Common
  -Unlimited Uncommon
  -Up to 4 rare
  -Up to 3 Legendary 
  -2 mythic
  (per foal)

These foals/filly can be identical or fraternal twins if you so desire! (Auction information will be in the comments.)

Cracked Twins Auction Slot:

This is a super special twist slot I added last minute to surprise you guys! It's twins that were born Cracked! An unexplained phenomena! The same rules and trait allowances apply from the normal Twins Slot! 
(Bidding information can be found in the comments)


Custom Foal Auction Slot:

  This Slot is for those who wish for me to design their foal or filly. Consider it an Orbite custom! The same trait allowances apply from the Regular Breedable Slot. You will give me the traits/ appearance you want to see and I create it for you! You can also let me see the parents and say "good luck" and design it for you on a whim if you don't want to go through picking the traits and such. 
(information on this auction is in the comments)


Auction Rules:

-Please bid only what you have. No fake bids
-Bid in chain
-Be nice to others
-Reply to the highest bid
-Pay within 24 hours 

An event Like this only will happen ONCE A YEAR! Don't miss out!

What are Orbites?

Orbites are an Equine Closed Species made and owned by NebulaNovia that feature a floating Orb located in various places on the body. These creatures are delicate and magical, separated into Class Types and Breeds. They are a timid breed and prefer to stick to themselves or in groups called Shimmers.

Can Orbites Breed?

Yes Orbites can breed but you are NOT premitted to breed your Orbite without express permission. Upon Occassion I will sell Breeding Tickets. Its basically a MYO for a baby Orbite. You MUST have two Orbites (your own two, one that I have offered exclusively for Breeding, or a friend's Orbite that you two agree upon Breeding) and use traits from both parents to create the child. The traits depend on the Tier of Ticket you've purchased.

How old can Orbites get?

Depending on Breed, Orbites can live up to 2,000-3,000 years. Alicorns and Bat-Alicorns of course live longer but no Orbite is immortal. 

What Class Types are available?

All class types are Air Class, Lava Class, Water Class, Leaf Class, Fairy/Pixie Class, and Crystal Class. However some other classes are still in development such as Earth and Space. 

What's a Closed Class?

A Closed Class is a Class type not available to the public. The only way to get this class is from a high Tier MYO, very rare Custom Auction or by Adopt. I usually don't accept Custom's for these Classes. 
The Closed Classes right now are Fairy and Crystal Class.

What's an Open Class?

An Open Class is any Class Type available to the public. You can obtain them by all MYO tickets, Customs and Adopts. You may also obtain them from certain Rights Holders.

Can you decorate the Orb on an Orbite?

Yes actually! You may decorated it with many items. However you must remember that the Orb is fragile and can only withstand so much weight upon it!

If you own a Water Orbite, does it's water hair blend into the water if it goes swimming? Or does it keep it's shape?

Water Orbites with water hair will always keep their shape in the water. This includes any other water parts such as water hooves. 
The same thing also applies to Lava Orbites with Lava hair!

*more will be added later!*


MYO Rules

Read the T.O.S 
You MUST be a member of Orbites-Unite to purchase a slot
You MUST note me a link of your Orbite BEFORE you post it. This is so I can check for any Trait Errors
Please use ONLY the Traits and Classes you are allowed
No payment, no MYO. I don't accept holds for MYOs
You may gift/trade a MYO
You may NOT resell a MYO slot IF IT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE! Once you make the character and post it (with my approval) the reselling of the slot is instantly voided! Even if you say you'll delete the character. No exceptions.
If the MYO slot is unmade THEN you may resell with permission and ONLY at the price of purchase. Nothing higher, nothing lower. 
Please let me know if you give someone your MYO
Don't complain about the prices. They won't change
Once you purchase a MYO I will automatically assume you read the rules. If you break a rule you will be banned from the species. 


Tier 1: 10$
-All Common Traits Unlocked, All Open Classes Unlocked

 Tier 2: 15$
-All Common Traits Unlocked, All Uncommon Traits Unlocked, All Open Classes Unlocked

 Tier 3: 25$
-All Common Traits Unlocked, All Uncommon Traits Unlocked, All Rare Traits Unlocked, All Open Classes Unlocked

Tier 4: 35$
-All Common Traits Unlocked, All Uncommon Traits Unlocked, All Rare Traits Unlocked, All Legendary Traits Unlocked, All Open Classes Unlocked

Tier 5: 50$ 
-All Common Traits Unlocked, All Uncommon Traits Unlocked, All Rare Traits Unlocked, All Legendary Traits Unlocked, All Mythic Traits Unlocked, All Open Classes Unlocked


(these act like Teir 5, but unlock specific class types) 

Spirit Class MYO: 60$ (3 Slots Available)
Weeping Water MYO: 70$ (2 Slots Available)
Fairy MYO: 55$  (2 Slots Available) 


 Whicker Staff MYO: 100$ (Only One)
LOL this is so outdated!!! I don't do commissions often! I'll do this junk later ;) 

Under Construction